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title: Plasma Mobile
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title: Často kladené dotazy
Why is Plasma Mobile not using Mer/Nemomobile? ----------------------------------------------
Plasma Mobile is a software platform for mobile devices. It is not an operating system in itself, it consists of Qt5, the KDE Frameworks, Plasma and various software that's part of the application set. Plasma Mobile can work on top of the Mer distribution, but due to a lack of time and resources, we're currently focusing on KDE Neon on PinePhone as a base for testing and development.
Can Android apps work on Plasma Mobile? ---------------------------------------
There are projects like [Anbox]( which is Android running inside Linux container, and use Linux kernel to execute applications to achieve near-native performance. This could be leveraged in the future to have Android apps running on top of a GNU/Linux system with the Plasma Mobile platform, but it's a complicated task, and as of *today*(September 6th, 2020) some distributions already support Anbox and you can run Plasma Mobile on top of those distributions.
Can I run Plasma Mobile on my mobile device? --------------------------------------------
Currently, Plasma Mobile runs on the following device types:
* **(Recommended) PinePhone:** We offer official images built for the PinePhone on top of KDE Neon. You can find more information on the Plasma Mobile [documentation](
* **x86-based:** If you want to try out Plasma Mobile on an Intel tablet, desktop/laptop, or virtual machine, the x86_64 Neon-based Plasma Mobile [image]( is for you. Information on how to permanently install it can be found on the Plasma Mobile [documentation](
* **postmarketOS devices:** postmarketOS is a touch-optimized, pre-configured Alpine Linux that can be installed on Android smartphones and other mobile devices. This project is in *very early stages of development* but it does currently offer support for a fairly wide range of devices, and it offers Plasma Mobile as an available interface. Please find your device from the [list of supported devices]( and see what's working, then you can follow the [pmOS installation guide]( to install it on your device. Your mileage may vary, and it is **not** necessarily representative of the current state of Plasma Mobile.
* **Other:** Unfortunately support for Halium based devices had to be dropped recently (see (technical debt)[/2020/12/14/plasma-mobile-technical-debt.html]). This includes the previous reference device Nexus 5x.
I've installed Plasma Mobile, what is the login password? ---------------------------------------------------------
If you've installed Neon onto your PinePhone via the installation script, the password should be "1234", and you can then change it afterwards by running "passwd" in Konsole. For Manjaro it is 123456. When changing it, please keep in mind that you can currently only enter numbers on the lock screen.
If you're using the x86 image, no password is set by default, and you'll have to set it by running "passwd" in Konsole before you can authenticate for anything.
What's the state of the project? --------------------------------
Plasma Mobile is currently under heavy development and is not intended to be used as a daily driver. If you are interested in contributing, [join](/findyourway) the game.
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title: Distributions offering Plasma Mobile
## Mobilní
### Manjaro ARM
Manjaro ARM is the Manjaro distribution, but for ARM devices. It's based on Arch Linux ARM, combined with Manjaro tools, themes and infrastructure to make install images for your ARM device.
[Website]( [Forum](
#### Ke stažení:
* [Latest Stable (PinePhone)](
* [Developer builds](
### Neon based reference rootfs
Image based on KDE Neon. Targeted at newer devices (with 1GB+ RAM). KDE Neon itself is based upon Ubuntu 20.04 (focal). This image is based on the dev-unstable branch of KDE Neon, and always ships the latest versions of KDE frameworks, KWin and Plasma Mobile compiled from git master.
#### Ke stažení:
* [PinePhone](
### openSUSE
openSUSE, formerly SUSE Linux and SuSE Linux Professional, is a Linux distribution sponsored by SUSE Linux GmbH and other companies. Currently openSUSE provides Tumbleweed based Plasma Mobile builds.
#### Ke stažení
* [PinePhone](
### postmarketOS
PostmarketOS (pmOS), is a touch-optimized, pre-configured Alpine Linux that can be installed on smartphones and other mobile devices. The project is at very early stages of development and is not usable for most users yet.
[Learn more](
### Ke stažení:
* [PinePhone](
## Instalace
Download the image, uncompress it and flash it to a SD-card using `dd` or a graphical tool. The Pine Phone will automatically boot from a SD-Card. To install to the embedded flash, please follow the instructions in the [Pine wiki](
## Desktop Devices
### Neon based amd64 ISO image
This ISO image is using the same packages as the Neon based reference rootfs, just compiled for amd64. It can be tested on non-android intel tablets, PCs and virtual machines.
* [Neon amd64](
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- scss/components/swiper.scss
- name: Plasma mobile homescreen
url: /screenshots/plasma.png
- name: KWeather, Plasma mobile weather application
url: /screenshots/weather.png
- name: Kalk, a calculator application
url: /screenshots/pp_calculator.png
- name: Megapixels, a camera application
url: /screenshots/pp_camera.png
- name: Calindori, a calendar application
url: /screenshots/pp_calindori.png
- name: KClock
url: /screenshots/pp_kclock.png
- name: Buho, a note taking application
url: /screenshots/pp_buho.png
- name: Kongress
url: /screenshots/pp_kongress.png
- name: Okular Mobile, a universal document viewer
url: /screenshots/pp_okular01.png
- name: Angelfish, a web browser
url: /screenshots/pp_angelfish.png
- name: Nota, a text editor
- name: Pix, another image viewer
- name: Index, a file manager
url: /screenshots/pp_folders.png
- name: VVave, a music player
- name: The hardware
url: /screenshots/20201110_092718.jpg
title: Obrázky
The following screenshots were taken from a Pinephone device running Plasma Mobile.
{{< screenshots name="screenshots" >}}
other: Aplikace
other: Přispět
other: Instalace
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