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title: Distributions offering Plasma Mobile
title: Distribucije, ki nudijo Plasma Mobile
## Mobile
## Mobilci
### Manjaro ARM
Manjaro ARM is the Manjaro distribution, but for ARM devices. It's based on Arch Linux ARM, combined with Manjaro tools, themes and infrastructure to make install images for your ARM device.
Manjaro ARM je distribucija Manjaro za ARM naprave. Temelji na Arch Linux ARM v kombinaciji z orodji, temami in infrastrukturo Manjaro za izdelavo namestitvenih datotek za vašo napravo ARM.
[Website]( [Forum](
[Spletišče]( [Forum](
#### Download:
#### Prenos:
* [Latest Stable (PinePhone)](
* [Developer builds](
* [Zadnji stabilni (PinePhone)](
* [Razvojne verzije](
### Neon based reference rootfs
Image based on KDE Neon. Targeted at newer devices (with 1GB+ RAM). KDE Neon itself is based upon Ubuntu 20.04 (focal). This image is based on the dev-unstable branch of KDE Neon, and always ships the latest versions of KDE frameworks, KWin and Plasma Mobile compiled from git master.
Namestitvena datoteka temelji na KDE Neon. Ciljno usmerjeno na novejše naprave (z 1 GB + RAM-a). KDE Neon sam temelji na Ubuntu 20.04 (focal). Ta namestitvena datoteka temelji na nestabilni veji KDE Neon in vedno dobavi najnovejše različice KDE frameworks, KWin in Plasma Mobile sestavljenih iz git master.
#### Download:
#### Prenos:
* [PinePhone](
......@@ -38,9 +38,9 @@ Image based on KDE Neon. Targeted at newer devices (with 1GB+ RAM). KDE Neon its
openSUSE, formerly SUSE Linux and SuSE Linux Professional, is a Linux distribution sponsored by SUSE Linux GmbH and other companies. Currently openSUSE provides Tumbleweed based Plasma Mobile builds.
openSUSE, prej SUSE Linux in SuSE Linux Professional, je distribucija Linuxa, ki jo sponzorira SUSE Linux GmbH in druga podjetja. Trenutno openSUSE ponuja sestave Plasma Mobile na osnovi sistema Tumbleweed.
#### Download
#### Prenos
* [PinePhone](
......@@ -48,27 +48,27 @@ openSUSE, formerly SUSE Linux and SuSE Linux Professional, is a Linux distributi
PostmarketOS (pmOS), is a touch-optimized, pre-configured Alpine Linux that can be installed on smartphones and other mobile devices. The project is at very early stages of development and is not usable for most users yet.
PostmarketOS (pmOS) je vnaprej sestavljen Alpine Linux, optimiziran za rabo z dotikanjem, ki ga je mogoče namestiti na pametne telefone in druge mobilne naprave. Projekt je v zelo zgodnji fazi razvoja in za večino uporabnikov še ni uporaben.
[Learn more](
### Download:
### Prenos:
* [PinePhone](
## Installation
## Namestitev
Download the image, uncompress it and flash it to a SD-card using `dd` or a graphical tool. The Pine Phone will automatically boot from a SD-Card. To install to the embedded flash, please follow the instructions in the [Pine wiki](
Prenesite namestilno datoteko, jo razpnite in jo z uporabo `dd` ali grafičnega orodja prenesite na kartico SD. Pine Phone se samodejno zažene s kartice SD. Za namestitev na vdelan pomnilnik sledite navodilom v [Pine wiki] (
## Desktop Devices
## Namizne naprave
### Neon based amd64 ISO image
### ISO datoteka na osnovi Neona za amd64
This ISO image is using the same packages as the Neon based reference rootfs, just compiled for amd64. It can be tested on non-android intel tablets, PCs and virtual machines.
Ta datoteka ISO uporablja iste pakete kot referenčni rootfs, ki temelji na Neonu pravkar pripravljen za amd64. Lahko ga preizkusite na tabličnih računalnikih Intel, ki niso androidni, osebnih računalnikih in navideznih računalnikih.
* [Neon amd64](
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