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......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ Once again it's been a while since the last Plasma Mobile update was published,
It's almost hard to believe, but in the meantime we gained several completely new applications! Meet our new clock, weather, calculator and color contrast checking apps.
{% section {"app_name": "KClock", "app_img": "/img/kclock_alarms.png", "app_img_shadow": "true", "app_img_alt": "KClock, the new clock application"} %}
{{< section app_name="KClock" app_img="/img/kclock_alarms.png" app_img_shadow="true" app_img_alt="KClock, the new clock application" >}}
Development has been ongoing for several months and basic functionality is working now. The first stable releases of these will come after Plasma 5.20.
......@@ -22,9 +22,9 @@ As you would expect from any self-respecting clock app, it allows you to:
It also features a plasmoid that you can add to your home screen.
{% endsection %}
{{< /section >}}
{% section {"app_name": "KWeather", "app_img": "/img/kweather.png", "app_img_shadow": "true", "direction": "right", "app_img_alt": "KWeather, the new weather applcation, showing the current weather as \"Cloudy\" and a daily and hourly forecast"} %}
{{< section app_name="KWeather" app_img="/img/kweather.png" app_img_shadow="true" direction="right" app_img_alt="KWeather, the new weather applcation, showing the current weather as \"Cloudy\" and a daily and hourly forecast" >}}
The first stable release with basic functionality was tagged a few weeks ago!
......@@ -46,10 +46,9 @@ Features include:
In the future, more work will be done on making it more tablet/desktop friendly and adding more plasmoids for the home screen.
{% endsection %}
{{< /section >}}
{% section {"app_name": "Kalk", "app_img": "/img/Kalk_Screenshot_20200818_144710.png", "app_img_alt": "Kalk, calculator"} %}
{{< section app_name="Kalk" app_img="/img/Kalk_Screenshot_20200818_144710.png" app_img_alt="Kalk, calculator" >}}
Another new app worth mentioning is Kalk: a calculator with unit and currency conversion functionality.
With a math expression parser written with GNU Bison and flex, Kalk is still in early alpha stage.
......@@ -62,7 +61,7 @@ Features:
* Unit conversion
* Currency conversion
{% endsection %}
{{< /section >}}
<!-- possibly more to go here -->
......@@ -74,19 +73,19 @@ Opening links from other applications now opens a new tab in the existing instan
Besides the user-facing improvements a lot of internal cleanup has been done. Angelfish now makes better use of KConfig's abilities and avoids unnecessary page reloads and the internal webapp runtime now shares more code with the main browser.
{% section {"app_name": "Kontrast", "app_img": "/img/kontrast_mobile.png", "app_img_alt": "Kontrast, screenshot oof the main view", "app_img_shadow": "true"} %}
{{< section app_name="Kontrast" app_img="/img/kontrast_mobile.png" app_img_alt="Kontrast, screenshot oof the main view" app_img_shadow="true" >}}
Kontrast is a new application made by Carl aimed at developers and designers. It allows experimenting with different colors and their contrast ratio, which is important for designing accessible user interfaces. It also allows you to generate and save color sets with good contrast.
{% endsection %}
{{< /section >}}
{% section {"app_name": "Plasma Samegame", "app_img": "/img/post-2020-08-samegame.png", "app_img_alt": "Plasma Samegame", "direction": "right", "app_img_shadow": "true"} %}
{{< section app_name="Plasma Samegame" app_img="/img/post-2020-08-samegame.png" app_img_alt="Plasma Samegame" direction="right" app_img_shadow="true" >}}
Carl also revived one of the oldest Plasma Mobile demo applications, ported it to Kirigami and added shiny high-resolution textures.
{% endsection %}
{{< /section >}}
{% section {"app_name": "Calindori", "app_img": "/img/todo_1.png", "app_img_alt": "Calindori Task", "direction": "left", "app_img_shadow": "true"} %}
{{< section app_name="Calindori" app_img="/img/todo_1.png" app_img_alt="Calindori Task" direction="left" app_img_shadow="true" >}}
- Users can now change the start date of a task, set a due date and add an alarm based on its start date.
- When a new event is created, a reminder is added by default. Users can opt out or add a custom alarm time in the settings page.
......@@ -96,9 +95,9 @@ Carl also revived one of the oldest Plasma Mobile demo applications, ported it t
- On the week view, the current day is set as the selected one, while on the day view the current hour is selected by default.
- For new events, the start time is set to the next hour. Nevertheless, the user may change the default event duration in the application settings.
{% endsection %}
{{< /section >}}
{% section {"app_img": "/img/time_picker_1.png" , "direction": "right", "app_img_alt": "Calindori Time Picker", "app_img_shadow": "true" } %}
{{< section app_img="/img/time_picker_1.png" direction="right" app_img_alt="Calindori Time Picker" app_img_shadow="true" >}}
- On the day and week view, start and end time (when applicable) is displayed for each incidence. Moreover, events are displayed ordered by their start date.
- The time picker AM/PM selector has been changed to radio buttons in order to be more consistent with the rest of the KDE applications.
......@@ -107,7 +106,7 @@ Carl also revived one of the oldest Plasma Mobile demo applications, ported it t
- When using the application on a wide screen, the incidences of each week/day are displayed in a row. On mobile devices, the incidences of each week/day are displayed in a column view.
- The page that shows the events scheduled on a specific date alongside the calendar-month page is loaded by default on non-mobile devices. On mobile, only the calendar-month page is loaded.
{% endsection %}
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## File Dialogs
......@@ -121,13 +120,13 @@ Lots of smaller improvements have gone into Alligator recently, mostly improving
Akademy 2020 has been added to the Kongress conference companion application. So, this year you will be able to organize your Akademy schedule on a mobile device running Plasma using a Kirigami application!
{% section {"app_name": "Voice recorder", "app_img": "/img/krecorder.png", "app_img_alt": "Audio input visualization of the voice recorder app", "direction": "left", "app_img_shadow": "true"} %}
{{< section app_name="Voice recorder" app_img="/img/krecorder.png" app_img_alt="Audio input visualization of the voice recorder app" direction="left" app_img_shadow="true" >}}
Devin implemented a new audio visualization, which is displayed while recording and while playing existing recordings using the new integrated media player.
The Settings page was reworked to only display the settings relevant to most users by default, while providing more advanced settings if needed.
{% endsection %}
{{< /section >}}
## Settings
......@@ -139,14 +138,15 @@ Scrolling in the "info" settings module was fixed by Jonah.
The plasma mobile version of KDE connect was also improved and it is now easier to use, thanks to multiple small visual and usability fixes. For example, it is now possible to refresh the list of devices by pulling it down, and it is no longer possible to accidentally switch page when using the remote touchpad plugin.
{% section {"app_name": "Plasma Shell", "app_img": "/img/post-2020-08-plasmashell.png", "app_img_alt": "Plasma Shell", "direction": "left", "app_img_shadow": "true"} %}
{{< section app_name="Plasma Shell" app_img="/img/post-2020-08-plasmashell.png" app_img_alt="Plasma Shell" direction="left" app_img_shadow="true" >}}
Thanks to Marco's work, the shell user interface has gained many improvements. Already running apps are now activated instead of starting a new instance when tapping them on the homescreen; the app splashscreen and the panels are now colored according to the app's icon; and the task switcher has gained many usability improvements.
Thanks to Aleix's work, the task switcher now shows thumbnails of the running application and the search field also gained a new look.
Devin has worked on refining the lock screen. It now allows swiping up to reveal the PIN entry field and darkens the background to make the controls more legible.
{% endsection %}
{{< /section >}}
## Neon on Halium
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