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GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)

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......@@ -12,33 +12,33 @@ sassFiles:
- name: Plasma mobile homescreen
url: /screenshots/plasma.png
- name: KWeather, Plasma mobile weather application
- name: KWeather, mobilní aplikace pro počasí
url: /screenshots/weather.png
- name: Kalk, a calculator application
- name: Kalk, aplikace kalkulačky
url: /screenshots/pp_calculator.png
- name: Megapixels, a camera application
- name: Mexapixels, aplikace pro fotoaparát
url: /screenshots/pp_camera.png
- name: Calindori, a calendar application
- name: Calindori, aplikace kalendáře
url: /screenshots/pp_calindori.png
- name: KClock
url: /screenshots/pp_kclock.png
- name: Buho, a note taking application
- name: Buho, aplikace pro poznámky
url: /screenshots/pp_buho.png
- name: Kongress
url: /screenshots/pp_kongress.png
- name: Okular Mobile, a universal document viewer
- name: Okular Mobile, univerzální prohlížeč dokumentů
url: /screenshots/pp_okular01.png
- name: Angelfish, a web browser
- name: Angelfish, webový prohlížeč
url: /screenshots/pp_angelfish.png
- name: Nota, a text editor
- name: Nota, textový editor
- name: Pix, another image viewer
- name: Pix, další prohlížeč obrázků
- name: Index, a file manager
- name: Index, Správce souborů
url: /screenshots/pp_folders.png
- name: VVave, a music player
- name: Wave, přehrávač hudby
- name: The hardware
- name: Hardware
url: /screenshots/20201110_092718.jpg
title: Obrázky
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