Commit 097a8196 authored by Dimitris Kardarakos's avatar Dimitris Kardarakos

KDE Connect task added

New leaf-node added to findyourway for KDE Connect phabricator task.
parent a5d90076
...@@ -209,6 +209,13 @@ ...@@ -209,6 +209,13 @@
choiceId: "target-flashlight", choiceId: "target-flashlight",
description: "Flashlight", description: "Flashlight",
extraInfo: "creating a simple flashlight application?" extraInfo: "creating a simple flashlight application?"
type: "leaf",
target: "",
choiceId: "target-kde-connect",
description: "KDE Connect",
extraInfo: "improving the integration of Plasma Mobile with Linux Desktop environments and other devices?"
} }
] ]
}, },
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