Commit ecad7cce authored by Albert Vaca Cintora's avatar Albert Vaca Cintora

Try not to lose filename extensions.

Android's Storage Access Framework abstraction wants us to use mimetypes
instead of file extensions, but for some file types it can't guess a useful
mimetype. In those cases, provide the extension as part of the base name.

BUG: 376638
parent b7df5348
......@@ -119,11 +119,15 @@ public class SharePlugin extends Plugin {
final String defaultPath = ShareSettingsActivity.getDefaultDestinationDirectory().getAbsolutePath();
final String filename = customDestination? originalFilename : FilesHelper.findNonExistingNameForNewFile(defaultPath, originalFilename);
final String nameWithoutExtension = FilesHelper.getFileNameWithoutExt(filename);
String displayName = FilesHelper.getFileNameWithoutExt(filename);
final String mimeType = FilesHelper.getMimeTypeFromFile(filename);
if ("*/*".equals(mimeType)) {
displayName = filename;
final DocumentFile destinationFolderDocument = ShareSettingsActivity.getDestinationDirectory(context);
final DocumentFile destinationDocument = destinationFolderDocument.createFile(mimeType, nameWithoutExtension);
final DocumentFile destinationDocument = destinationFolderDocument.createFile(mimeType, displayName);
final OutputStream destinationOutput = context.getContentResolver().openOutputStream(destinationDocument.getUri());
final Uri destinationUri = destinationDocument.getUri();
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