Commit 2c44f55f authored by Matthijs Tijink's avatar Matthijs Tijink

Add zsh autocomplete file

parent 834f9c37
......@@ -44,6 +44,10 @@ if (KF5_OPTIONAL_COMPONENTS)
set(ZSH_AUTOCOMPLETE_DIR "${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/share/zsh/site-functions")
find_package(Phonon4Qt5 4.9.0 NO_MODULE)
set_package_properties(Phonon4Qt5 PROPERTIES
DESCRIPTION "Qt-based audio library"
......@@ -10,3 +10,4 @@ target_link_libraries(kdeconnect-cli
install(FILES kdeconnect.zsh RENAME _kdeconnect DESTINATION ${ZSH_AUTOCOMPLETE_DIR})
#compdef kdeconnect-cli
_kdeconnect_device-ids() {
_values "KDE Connect device id" "${(f)$(kdeconnect-cli --shell-device-autocompletion=zsh 2>/dev/null)}"
_arguments \
'(-l --list-devices -a --list-available)'{-l,--list-devices}'[list all devices]' \
'(-l --list-devices -a --list-available)'{-a,--list-available}'[list available (paired and reachable) devices]' \
'--id-only[make --list-devices or --list-available print only the devices id, to ease scripting]' \
'--refresh[search for devices in the network and re-establish connections]' \
'(--pair --unpair)--pair[request pairing with the specified device]' \
'--ring[find the device by ringing it.]' \
'(--pair --unpair)--unpair[stop pairing to the specified device]' \
'(--ping --ping-msg)--ping[send a ping to the device]' \
'(--ping --ping-msg)--ping-msg[send a ping to the device with the specified message]:message' \
'--share[share a file to the device]:file:_files' \
'--list-notifications[display the notifications on the device]' \
'--lock[lock the specified device]' \
'--send-sms[send an SMS. Requires --destination]:message' \
'--destination[specify phone number to send the SMS to]:phone number' \
'(-d --device -n --name)'{-d,--device}'[specify device ID]:id:_kdeconnect_device-ids' \
'(-d --device -n --name)'{-n,--name}'[specify device name]:name' \
'--encryption-info[get encryption info about the device]' \
'--list-commands[list remote commands and their ids]' \
'--execute-command[execute a remote command]:command id' \
'(-k --send-keys)'{-k,--send-keys}'[send keys to the specified device]' \
"--my-id[display this device's id]" \
"--photo[open the connected device's camera and transfer the photo]" \
'(-)'{-h,--help}'[display usage information]' \
'(-)'{-v,--version}'[display version information]' \
'(-)--author[show author information and exit]' \
'(-)--license[show license information and exit]' \
'--desktopfile[specify base file name of the desktop entry for this application]:file'
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