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Commit 446dbbc2 authored by Aleix Pol Gonzalez's avatar Aleix Pol Gonzalez 🐧

Remove IsPairedRole

It was not a good idea
parent e227c61c
......@@ -170,8 +170,6 @@ QVariant DevicesModel::data(const QModelIndex& index, int role) const
case IconNameRole:
return device->iconName();
case IsPairedRole:
return QVariant::fromValue<bool>(device->isPaired());
return QVariant();
......@@ -44,8 +44,7 @@ public:
IconModelRole = Qt::DecorationRole,
StatusModelRole = Qt::InitialSortOrderRole,
IdModelRole = Qt::UserRole,
enum StatusFlag {
StatusUnknown = 0x00,
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