Commit f91b9e99 authored by Erik Duisters's avatar Erik Duisters

Setting m_payloadSize is already handled by qvariant2qobject and it is of type qint64 not int

parent c22c670f
......@@ -147,7 +147,6 @@ bool NetworkPacket::unserialize(const QByteArray& a, NetworkPacket* np)
auto variant = parser.toVariant().toMap();
qvariant2qobject(variant, np);
np->m_payloadSize = variant[QStringLiteral("payloadSize")].toInt(); //Will return 0 if was not present, which is ok
if (np->m_payloadSize == -1) {
np->m_payloadSize = np->get<int>(QStringLiteral("size"), -1);
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