1. 12 Jun, 2019 12 commits
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    • Albert Vaca Cintora's avatar
      Added new indicator icons for dark and clear backgrounds · b7766176
      Albert Vaca Cintora authored
      Default to dark because it's more common (Windows, Gnome) but we need to
      implement a way to chose automatically between the dark and clear icon
      (and this is gonna be platform-specific).
      Note that dashes in names have a special meaning when loading icons. The
      new icon file names are ugly for this reason.
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  7. 05 Jun, 2019 3 commits
    • Simon Redman's avatar
      Fix LanLinkProviderTest on Windows · c7579eb1
      Simon Redman authored
      ## Summary
      LanLinkProviderTest fails on Windows. This patch fixes that.
      I believe the root cause is that we are using a shared UDP socket to listen for identity broadcasts both in the LanLinkProvider and in the test. Apparently this works on Linux, but on Windows the LanLinkProvider picks up its own identity packet and pairs with itself.
      This patch gives a parameter to LanLinkProvider to allow it to listen and broadcast on different ports, then uses that ability in the test to make the test pass on Windows.
      ## Test Plan
      ### Before:
      lanlinkprovider test fails, first because it can't bind its UDP listener socket, and then because Windows seems to handle shared sockets differently than Linux, so the UDP broadcasts were not reaching the test's listener.
      ### After:
      lanlinkprovider test seems to pass reliably both in my Windows VM and in the CI
    • Simon Redman's avatar
      Refactor testdevice · 9453e640
      Simon Redman authored
    • Simon Redman's avatar
      Make testsslsocketlistener properly timeout · 673c3ced
      Simon Redman authored
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