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Prepare changelog for v0.4.0

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# Changelog
### Version 0.4.0 (UNRELEASED)
Build system:
* Support for Android (ilyabizyaev)
* Support for Ubuntu Touch (jbb)
* Support for MacOS (ilyabizyaev)
* Support for Windows (ilyabizyaev)
* Support for iOS (ilyabizyaev)
* Add KDE Flatpak (jbb)
* Switch Android builds to CMake with ECM (ilyabizyaev)
* Improve Linux AppImage build script (ilyabizyaev)
* Add additional image formats in AppImage (jbb)
* Add XEP-0352: Client State Indication (gloox/QXmpp) (lnj)
* Add media/file sharing (lnj)
* Full back-end rewrite to QXmpp (lnj)
* Implement XEP-0363: HTTP File Upload and UploadManager for QXmpp (lnj)
* Use XEP-0280: Message Carbons from QXmpp (lnj)
* Use XEP-0352: Client State Indication from QXmpp (lnj)
* Check incoming messages for media links (lnj)
* Implement XEP-0308: Last Message Correction (lnj, jbb)
* Make attachments downloadable (lnj)
* Implement XEP-0382: Spoiler messages (xavi)
* Kaidan is now offline usable (lnj)
* Kaidan is able to open xmpp: URIs (lnj)
User interface:
* New logo (ilyabizyaev)
* Show presence information of contacts (lnj)
* Add EmojiPicker from Spectral (jbb)
* Highlight links in chat and make links clickable (lnj)
* New about dialog instead of the about page (ilyabizyaev)
* Add image preview in chat and before sending (lnj)
* Send messages on Enter, new line on Ctrl-Enter (ilyabizyaev)
* 'Add contact' is now the main action on the contacts page (lnj)
* Elide contact names and messages in roster (lnj)
* Chat page redesign (ilyabizyaev)
* Display passive notifications when trying to use online actions while offline (lnj)
* Automatically reconnect on connection loss (lnj)
* Contacts page: Display whether online in title (lnj)
* Add different connection error messages (jbb)
* Use QApplication when building with QWidgets (notmart)
* Ask user to approve subscription requests (lnj)
* Remove contact action: Make JIDs bold (lnj)
* Add contact sheet: Ask for optional message to contact (lnj)
* Add empty chat page with help notice to be displayed on start up (jbb)
* Redesign log in page (sohnybohny)
* Add Copy Invitaion URL action (jbb)
* Add 'press and hold' functionality for messages context menu (jbb)
* Add copy to clipboard function for messages (jbb)
* Add mobile file chooser (jbb)
* Highlight the currently opened chat on contacts page (lnj)
* Remove predefined window sizes (lnj)
* Use new Kirigami application header (nicofee)
* Make images open externally when clicked (jbb)
* Use QtQuickCompiler (jbb)
* Display upload progress bar (lnj)
* Add text+color avatars as fallback (lnj, jbb)
* Remove diaspora log in option (lnj)
* Forget passwords on log out (lnj)
* Append four random chars to resource (lnj)
* Save passwords in base64 instead of clear text (lnj)
* Generate the LICENSE file automatically with all git authors (lnj)
* Store ubuntu touch builds as job artifacts (lnj)
* Add GitLab CI integration (jbb)
* Fix TLS connection bug (lnj)
* Don't send notifications when receiving own messages via. carbons (lnj)
* Fix timezone bug of message timestamps (lnj)
* Fix several message editing bugs (lnj)
* Fix black icons (jbb)
* Fix richt text labels in Plasma Mobile (lnj)
* Small Plasma Mobile fixes (jbb)
### Version 0.3.2 (released on 25.11.2017)
* Added AppImage build script (#138) (@JBBgameich)
* Use relative paths to find resource files (#143) (@LNJ2)
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