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    Fix switching profile to default in New file dialog · c951c561
    Agata Cacko authored
    Before this commit if you first selected the color model,
    then color profile, then color depth, the color profile would switch to
    default for this color depth no matter that the user just set it
    manually. This is mostly the problem if someone is for example using
    Rec2020 profile for HDR images and switches between 32 and 16 bit
    color depths.
    Behaviour now:
    - by default color profile changes to the default one that suits
    the color model and color depth
    - if the user sets the profile manually, it is remembered
    and if it changes color depth, the profile doesn't change
    (keep in mind that "(Default)" suffix is still attached
    to the default profile, so it's easy to find in case the user wants it
    - if the user changes the color model, the default behaviour
    (switching profile automatically) is restored until the user
    sets up the profile maually again.
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