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    - Page: rotation does not switch height and width
    - Document/Part/Generator:
      1. Add API for attaching stuff to the interface: ActionCollection and the Navigation Panel
         also add possibility to merge an XML .rc file with menu layout. Relevant functions are:
         QString Generator::getXMLFile(), returns a QString with your .rc file name.
         void  Generator::setupGUI (KActionCollection* , QToolbox* ), add your components to the user interface
      2. Supporting backend settings:
         If during startup, backends which provide a configuration ([X-KDE-oKularHasInternalSettings]
         set to true) are found, a menu item: configure backends is created, clicking on it results in
         loading all the generators that have settings, but not those that dont. the Generator::addPages(KConfigDialog *dlg)
         function should be overloaded by a generator and dlg->addPage should be used to add pages.
         If a user opens a file that needs an already loaded generator, the already loaded one is used instead of loading another.
      3. Error/Warning/Notice sending support, to send a notice/error/warning, add a relevant notice/error/warning(QString& txt ,int duration)
         to the generator class, and sending a message to the user is as simple as emitting a signal!
      4. Intercepting of events generated by the PageView is done by Generator::handleEvent(QEvent*), subclass it, do a switch on QEvent::type(), handle your
         event and return true if pageview is to proceed with its handling or false if not.
      5. Support configuring the KPrinter on the generator side, use Generator::canConfigurePrinter(), return true there, and you get a nonconfigured KPrinter in your
      6. PixmapRequest handling update:
         a.) Generator::canGeneratePixmap is now Generator::canGeneratePixmap(bool async)
         b.) Document::sendGeneratorRequests is a slot now
         c.) Old way of sending pixmaps (Document::requestPixmaps(QValueList<PixmapRequest*> checking if we can generate pixmap if not, waiting for receiving)
             is replaced with: requestPixmaps only queues the pixmap all checking if w can generate is done in sendGeneratorReqest, the sendGeneratorRequest is
             run in three places:
             1.  in requestPixmaps when we receive a request
             2.  in requestDone if pixmapStack is not empty
             3.  sendGeneratorRequest, apart from removing invalid requests, takes the current request and if generator canGeratePixmap(request->async)
            it removes the pixmap from stack and sends to generator if not, QTimer::singleshots to itself after 20ms, it ends when stack has no valid pixmap request
      7. Added a commented out zoom field to PixmapGenerator, mightcome in handy sometime
    - TextPage: add instructions that handle simplyfing the RegularAreaRect, no more double painted borders in selection rectangles, this rocks.
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