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    Annotations -Part2- PDF1.6 DSs are summarized and ready4impl in ann*.h · c6191c48
    Enrico Ros authored
    Annotation: the class has been passivized. It's only a data container now,
      no more active manipulation of events/paints.
    PageViewAnnotator: this class has been created to handle creating annots.
      PageView creates its 'Annotator on demand. The annotator parses tool
      definition from the 'tool.xml' file.
      The Annotator internally uses AnnotatorEngine(s) to react to mouse events
      and the annotation is created when the job is really finished.
    Page: added a (maybe temporary) NormalizedPoint to complement Norm..Rect.
    PageViewUtils: removed PageViewEditTools and cleaned up header.
    conf/: added a debug option for showing annotation boundary while creating
      one and added a temporary 'debug' toolbox in the config dialogs.
    svn path=/branches/kpdf_annotations/kdegraphics/kpdf/; revision=394959
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