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    Update scripter to allow running of scripts without a main() function · 0ba75097
    Halla Rempt authored
    Allow scripter to play main()-less scripts without complaining
    If a script is typed into the scripter window interactively and saved, scripter keeps a record of the file and automatically loads the script on the next run. When you press play on this auto-loaded script the runner module tries to load the module, then run it's main() method. However, an interactive script may not have a main method.  Scripter should run main() if it's present, but fail silently if it is not present.
    Test Plan:
    Not sure what to put here.
    To trigger the initial bug Run krita, run scripter, create a script without main, save the script then press the play button.
    Reviewers: #krita, woltherav
    Reviewed By: #krita, woltherav
    Subscribers: alvinhochun, rempt, eliakinalmeida, woltherav
    Tags: #krita
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D9317
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