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    Fix pipeline job "html_test" · 9cb0cf38
    Johannes Zarl-Zierl authored and Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham committed
    This MR fixes most errors in the job "html_test", but not all.
    @phunh I don't understand why the following pages still fail:
        Non-OK status: 404 --- hig/components/assistance/inline/index.html -->
        hash does not exist --- docs/plasma/aurorae/index.html --> /docs/plasma/theme/theme-details/#using-system-colors
        hash does not exist --- docs/plasma/theme/quickstart/index.html --> /docs/plasma/theme/theme-details/#background-svg-format
    The first one (`content/hig/components/assistance/`) is a doc link in the form `[InlineMessage](docs:kirigami2;InlineMessage)`. Similar links to other classes work, and the [InlineMessage]( page exists on
    What am I missing here?
    The other two errors are equally dumbfonding to me: both pages use `ref` and work locally, and hugo does not generate a warning for them. Shouldn't that mean that they work on the production environment?