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Nate Graham requested to merge work/ngraham/new-hig into master

This is a new HIG that I've written to fix teams/vdg/issues#10 (closed).

For easier reading, run a local hugo server as per the docs:

While reviewing, please keep in mind the design goals.

Design goals

  • Be brief and only include actionable information; no filler text or endless philosophizing.
  • Be more prescriptive than descriptive, because descriptiveness is impossible when the things being described are themselves currently inconsistent. Instead, make recommendations based on KDE's philosophy and most successful designs.
  • Focus on QtQuick for specific code/component recommendations.
  • ...But rather than offer details about how to implement every component under the sun, let their API documentation, default settings, and existing implementations do the explaining.
  • Primary audience is app developers, not Plasma developers or VDG icon designers. Plasma's core UI is different from that of an app, and a more focused HIG for it can be done later if needed.
  • Don't focus on visual styling, as the default style itself should be the source of truth for this, and our styling is also in some flux right now. Details about styling for custom components can be added later.

Closes teams/vdg/issues#10 (closed)

Closes #158 (closed)

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