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Multiple mistake fixes and proofreading work

Tyson Tan requested to merge (removed):master into master

The following commits are the mistakes I've noted during the translation of the whole documentation. I didn't noted everything because I was so burnt-out during the process.

There are a few places in the documentation that I could not do in the actual software or mistakes I'm not sure how to fix. I will list them below:

#: ../../reference_manual/main_menu/settings_menu.rst:47

  • Theme names are not translatable.

#: ../../reference_manual/tools/colorize_mask.rst:156 You can increase the swatch size by hovering over it with the mouse, and doing :kbd:Ctrl + |mousescroll|.

  • I was unable to do this.

#: ../../reference_manual/tools/transform.rst:35 even perspective skewing if you hold the :kbd:Ctrl key.

  • Ctrl key doesn't work

#: ../../reference_manual/tools/transform.rst:67 Free transform in action.

  • This description been used in Warp transform's image as well.

#: ../../reference_manual/preferences/shortcut_settings.rst:18 e.g. :kbd:Shift + S shortcut then the :kbd:B key

  • I know exactly what you meant, but wasn't able to "B" my way through on Linux.

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