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Update Layers, Vector Layer, Shape Selection, Shape Edit

The Vector layer page was outdated and has been updated Also, it has been updated to take in account change made on Krita with MR 2091 "Implement anti-aliasing as an option for vector layers"

The Layers page has been updated too:

  • Update and add some screenshots to get something more visual
  • Add icons in layers description to get description less abstract

Pages Shape Edit and Shape Selection have also been updated to be more visual:

  • More screenshots
  • Include tools icons

Need to be checked:

  • I have hesitated to include new icons into as most of them are specific to the page in which they're referenced Then I've created substitution directly in concerned page (also, wanted them to have a specific size..)

  • The current Vector Layer page starts with a "This page is outdated. Check Vector Graphics for a better overview." I've rewritten this page, it's more visual and also up-to-date, but now it's quite redundant with with Vector Graphics page content I've removed warning that redirects to vector graphics page: what's the recommendation? keep the link? review vector graphics page? ..?

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