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    core, add loading overlay and activate it while loading activities · 30afb581
    Holger Kaelberer authored
    The loading overlay is meant to signal heavy work to the user, and
    should be used whenever the ui feels like  frozen. Therefore it
    deactivates all ui-interaction (except key-handling).
    There should be only one instance of Loading in the whole application,
    which is a sibling of the stack-view. Therefore we pass it into the
    activities via the ActivityBase.loading property, as we do e.g. with
    For now we activate it always during activity loading through the
    activity-loader. Especially on (slower) Android devices the intial
    rendering of the activity-scene takes some time, and so far looked
    like a freezing ui to the user.
    We might want to activate the loading overlay only on mobile devices,
    as a desktop should render its scene pretty fast.
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