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    Rewrite FindBoostPython.cmake for correctness and stability · 724396ea
    David Narváez authored
    1. Return compile check (see BoostPython_TRY_COMPILE() macro), it's
    needed for some cases. Say, default Python in system is Python 3.3, and
    it gets picked up. But Boost 1.53 python library could not work with it
    and requires Python 2.x. Without compile check you'll pick up
    uncompatible Python version.
    2. find_package(PkgConfig) moved under corresponding if(...) and
    if(PKG_CONFIG_FOUND) is checked after. While it's spread enough, there
    is no guarantee you'll have pkg-config on that system. Also,
    PYTHON_VERSIONS moved closer to the scope where it's used to improve
    3. Use standard CMake find_package_handle_standard_args() and
    cmake_push_check_state()/cmake_pop_check_state() instead of rolling own
    equivalent logic. The latter logic was ever wrong, making
    4. BoostPython_INCLUDE_DIRS and BoostPython_LIBRARIES are saved in
    cache, as other CMake modules do. This unbreaks the situation when CMake
    detects that it should be re-run (for example, some CMakeLists.txt file
    was modified), and runs through modules again - in this case, if
    BoostPython_INCLUDE_DIRS and BoostPython_LIBRARIES are not in cache, all
    tests will be run again, and probably fail now.
    BUG: 320807
    FIXED-IN: 4.12
    REVIEW: 110954
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