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    Allow plugins to be blacklisted and whitelisted · 291e8e7c
    Dennis Nienhüser authored
    If you want to avoid that the plugin libFoo.so (Foo.dll on Windows) is
    loaded at all, call Marble::PluginManager::blacklistPlugin("Foo").
    If you want to avoid that any plugin other than libBar.so (Bar.dll
    on Windows) is loaded at all, call
    Each can be called multiple times with different plugins to blacklist
    or whitelist several plugins. Plugins that are both blacklisted and
    whitelisted are considered blacklisted.
    Make sure to call the methods early enough before anything else
    already used the PluginManager to load plugins. Take care to pass the
    filename (without library prefix and file suffix) of the plugin, not
    its nameId(). They can be identical, but often that is not the case.
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