Documentation and l10n improves

Documentation improves

  • Update date and version numbers
  • Use suitable tags, add empty lines and re-indent (more readable)
  • Suitable capitalization and punctuation
    • Preserve upercase capitalization in the 'Practice Mode' section
  • Text added to 'screeninfo' and 'caption' tags (screenshots)
  • Add guiicons an use more entities
  • GUI sync and shortcut fixes
  • Delete a section:
    • Counting an Answer as Right
    • Parley_practice_icon_right.png
    • Parley_practice_icon_wrong.png
  • More Screenshots deleted:
    • configure_parley.png Used superfluously to reflect a menu item use "Settings -> Configure Parley..."
    • new_lesson1.png Used superfluously to reflect a context menu use (Add the three ways to do it)

l10n improves

  • Add @title:window helpers, capitalization and punctuation fixes
  • Fix the menu options in the tips file and delete a tip outdated

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