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    Fix Default tool widgets to show values in real pixels, not points · e9262e5a
    Dmitry Kazakov authored
    Now the option widgets use correct KoUnit object to convert their
    options in correct user-visible pixels. Some note on the implementation:
    1) Affects KoStrokeConfigWidget and DefaultToolWidget
    2) The correct conversion value is stored in KoUnit, which is reported
       by KisCanvas2 and retransmitted by KisView2.
    3) There is a hack in KoStrokeConfigWidget. KoShapeStroke knows nothing
       about the absoluteTransformation() of the shape, which doesn't stop
       the shape from doing the transformation of the outline (loaded into
       QPainter directly). So we take it into account manually, by adding
       a multiplier into KoUnit.
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