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    Moved KoStrokeConfigWidget and KoFillConfigWidget to kritaui library · 5da4edf2
    Dmitry Kazakov authored
    That was a really tough decision, but it was done after the
    following tries:
    1) I need to embed KoFillConfigWidget into KoStrokeConfigWidget
    2) But KoFillConfigWidget depends on KisStopGradientEditor, which
       depends on:
           - KisDoubleSliderSpinBox (depends on KisPart)
           - KisColorButton (depends on a lot of stuff in KisInternalColorSelector)
    So as a result I just decided to move KoStrokeConfigWidget and all its
    dependees higher in the hierarchy :(
    I hope some time in the future we will be able to move these classes back
    into flake...