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    Change the build system to enable building with Qt 6 · 40ba1cf1
    Ahmad Samir authored
    This was built with:
    Remove operator<<(QDebug, Attica::Provider const&); in Qt6 QMetaTypes that
    have such an operator now have a requirement to make it visible to the linker,
    otherwise the build fails:
    CMakeFiles/providertest.dir/providertest.cpp.o: in function
    `QtPrivate::QDebugStreamOperatorForType<Attica::Provider, true>::debugStream(QtPrivate::QMetaTypeInterface const*, QDebug&, void const*)':
    /usr/include/qt6/QtCore/qmetatype.h:2216: undefined reference to `operator<<(QDebug, Attica::Provider const&)'
    Since it's not used anywhere, remove it altogether as suggested by Volker.
    All unit tests still pass.