Draft: Skip indexing KDE FS volumes unless user included

Adam Fontenot requested to merge adamfontenot/baloo:fix-remote-mount-skip into master

In 69411a, we changed the indexer behavior so that removable media is not indexed by default. This commit tries to extend this behavior to any temporarily mounted file system.

For instance, fuse.sshfs and overlay mounted file systems are managed in Solid under the /org/kde/fstab parent. Most likely, users will not want to index these file systems by default.

This commit also changes the initialization procedure for StorageDevices. We now attempt to create a cached entry for all Solid devices when initializing. It makes sense to do this because createCacheEntry is already called whenever a device is added or removed, without any further filtering. Trying to precisely specify which devices to include at the initialization stage risks leaving out devices like the /org/kde/fstab devices that are the subject of this PR.

BUG: 460509

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