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Consistent size/appearance of window-close-symbolic & window-close

This is an alternative to !211 (closed) which additionally resizes window-close to be the same size and shape as the updated window-close-symbolic (as one potential option to fix the issue with Kirigami fake windows as mentioned below)

Many GTK applications with CSDs use the window-*-symbolic icons for the CSD window decoration buttons. Breeze icons, however, use a smaller icon enclosed in a circle for the close button -- this is inconsistent with the rest of the Breeze window icons and the Breeze window decoration.

This commit fixes this inconsistency by using a larger, uncircled close button in window-close-symbolic.

Kirigami applications also have fake windows which use window-close-symbolic for the state of the close button when mouse is not over, and window-close for when the mouse is over. This commit allows that effect to be maintained by increasing the size of window-close to match the increased size window-close-symbolic.

Before: before

After: after_with_window-close

BUG: 453167

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