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add system-suspend-inhibited, system-suspend-uninhibited

Natalie Clarius requested to merge work/natalie/system-inhibit-suspend into master

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Earlier draft:

It's just a collage of the existing icons system-lock-screen, system-suspend and audio-volume-muted, but I'm afraid that's as far as my icon artistry skills go.

Needed in the OSD and tray icon that is shown when blocking/unblocking sleep and screen locking (middle-click the power applet). I'd also like to use it to redo how inhibitions are shown in the battery applet so that we we have a consistent layout there.


Currently we use speedometer in these places which is bad because it has other meanings (balanced power profile, generic power mode icon, and some other power unrelated places too), and because it misses the on/off parity we have for the other toggle actions like notifications, mute audio, etc.


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