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Make the close icons be black X symbols

Nate Graham requested to merge ngraham/breeze-icons:close-icons-black-x into master

This implements part of teams/vdg/issues#43. It is a slightly more radical alternative to !348 (closed).

Black is is a more correct color (closing windows and tabs isn't destructive, so it shouldn't use the red color), and omitting the circle makes it match the default window decoration icon and feel lighter and breezier.

Here's how it will look with this MR:



  • Won't look as good in notifications, where the circular timeout indicator is crafted to only look good around a circled X with exactly the dimensions used in the Breeze icon (which is kind of a problem for icon themability, but at least it looks good with Breeze, and it would be a shame to regress that)
  • Won't match the window decoration close button anymore if we change it in plasma/breeze!438 (comment 911680). However that's not decided yet.


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