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Breeze icons compiled library to allow mmaped access on Windows or direct linking without depending on KIContheme

Christoph Cullmann requested to merge work/breeze_icons_library into master

At the moment, we just provide the binary resources and some hack in KIconThemes.

Unfortunately this:

  1. doesn't support more than one theme (aka only light or dark, as dynamic SVG recoloring isn't available in the Windows/macOS platform plugins)
  2. binary resources are really read + loaded, not just mmapped => slow

This here fixes both issues.

Optionally breeze icons provides a library (at the moment with the same switch as the binary resources, that can be changed).

The consumer application needs to link this library and then setup the stuff once.

I tried this with Kate on Linux, even palette updates are handled like they should.

This will fix the sorry state of Kate and other applications on Windows as documented here

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