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Revert "Switch from custom K_D to Q_DECLARE_PRIVATE_D & Q_D"

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau requested to merge work/kossebau/fixbadcast into master

Q_DECLARE_PRIVATE_D uses reinterpret_cast with the d member in the defined methods, which results in bad casting with the multi-inheritance subclasses of ServiceBasePrivate.

Switch to use KDNSSD_D instead of K_D to reduce risk of potential clashes.

This reverts commit e8f08295.

BUG: 432949

@dfaure @mdawson @arojas

David, I would ask for a follow-up release of kdnssd 5.79, once approved.

Uploading for review while still testing some more locally, but almost sure this is the cause and fix.

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