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    exr: write support and more · 7899c27a
    Mirco Miranda authored and Albert Astals Cid's avatar Albert Astals Cid committed
    - Added support for writing EXR files
    - Large image support (tested with 32GiB 16-bit image)
    - OpenEXR multithreaded read/write support through the use of line blocks
    - Build option to enable conversion to sRGB when read (disabled by default)
    - Multi-view image reading support
    - Options support: Size, ImageFormat, Quality, CompressRatio
    - Metadata write/read support via EXR attributes
    The plugin is now quite complete. It should also work on KF5 (not tested): if there is the will to include this MR also on KF5, let me know and I will do all the necessary tests.