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OpenUrlJob: handle all text scripts consistently

Ahmad Samir requested to merge work/ahmad/openurljob-text-scripts into master

Previously we only handled application/x-shellscript, but there are other scripts; a script is technically a file that inherits both text/plain and application/x-executable, e.g. .sh, .csh, .py, perl scripts ...etc. Treat all those mime types the way we handled shell scripts:

  • if it's not a local url, or isn't executable we open it in the preferred text editor
  • if it's executable either show the OpenOrExecute dialog or execute directly depending on how the job is configured

The mimetype world is a confusing one:

  • Executables, this includes .exe files (MS Windows); and "application/x-executable" and "application/x-sharedlib", this depends on various parameters (e.g. stripped executables are x-sharedlib, the same executable if not stripped is x-executable...)
  • Scripts: shell, python, perl... etc scripts, which are text files that can be executed or opened as text.

Adjust the unit test.

BUG: 425829 BUG: 425177 FIXED-IN: 5.75

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