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PreviewJob: Display preview for locally mounted remote directories

Sergey Katunin requested to merge sgakerru/kio:remote-dirs-preview into master

The problem is relevant only for locally mounted remote FS, and in fact does not make sense without this MR: kcoreaddons!421 (merged)

Previews are currently disabled for remote directories. One check is in PreviewJob::slotResult, which skips creating thumbnails if it is a remote folder (I suggest removing that check), and the second check is in PreviewJobPrivate::getOrCreateThumbnail() here: 16200327.

I suggest displaying thumbnails of a remote directory that was mounted locally (has a localPath).

This change is necessary because it was one of the reasons why that change was canceled (!702 (merged), be7d351a).

Learn more about this:

!702 (comment 424864)

This will allow to apply !702 (merged) again, since this problem should be solved in this MR, and the problem with identifying all FUSE devices (including block devices such as flash drives and disks with exFAT and NTFS) as NFS (isSlow) was solved a year earlier - in kcoreaddons!255 (merged).

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