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KFilePlacesItem: Strip UDI prefix for player URLs

Kai Uwe Broulik requested to merge work/kbroulik/kfileplaces-no-udi into master

The relevant protocol handler already knows what device it's expecting.

Except for MTP, which expects mtp:udi= and its internals are more dependent on the actual UDI.

CCBUG: 462381

@fvogt @afiestas

Allows to drop the whole friendly name handling in KIO AFC as an alternative to network/kio-extras!214 (closed) since it wouldn’t need to rewrite the URL anymore and thus the places URL will match up and subsequently the device name show up in the address bar


I left MTP untouched as I am too scared to touch it. Not sure if we have anything else besides MTP and AFC, though.

6.0, please, since this is the chance to change it

KIO AFC change will follow…

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