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KFileItem: make isSlow non-blocking, make SkipMimeTypeFromContent skip only on slow fs

Méven Car requested to merge (removed):work/kmount-slow into master

Make KMountPoint::List::findByPath accept a flag to make it non-blocking when the path is on a potentialy unresponsive network fs. When it occurs, it will return the KMountPoint for this network drive instead of stating it and recursing into it.

Change KFileItem::isSlow to make it use a cache of network mounts that is refreshed using this new flag, making it non-blocking.

Finally, make SkipMimeTypeFromContent skip mimetype determination in isDir only on slow drives.

Previous diff:

BUG: 401579 FIXED-IN: 5.76

Reviewers: #frameworks @ngraham @broulik @dfaure @cfeck @anthonyfieroni

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