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Draft: [KFileWidget] Custom Filter field added, Type Filter combobox not editable by default

This is a slight upgrade to the KFileWidget window.

KFileWidget does not provide a FILTER BAR, a feature very useful for quick file search, which is available in Dolphin.
This patchset adds an easily accessible filter bar, which behaves exactly like the one in Dolphin.

Currently there exists limited filtering functionality provided by the file type filter combobox.

  1. it does not hide directories from view (which is expected for it's purpose, but defies its role as a filter bar)
  2. it does not reset on directory change (which is also expected from it, but undesired for a proper filter bar)
  3. it's purpose is to simply limit visible file extensions, not provide quick file search
  4. being able to do a quick search without messing with file types suggested by default by an app is useful
  5. I asked a few friends, and nobody is aware that this field can be used to provide at least limited filter bar functionality

So type filter combobox is now not editable by default (but you can simply right click to edit it).

Requires: kcompletion!7 (merged)






FEATURE: 415484
FEATURE: 179483
FIXED-IN: 5.78

Edited by Piotr Henryk Dabrowski

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