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Remove knetattach item from the remote:// ioslave's view

This commit removes the knetattach item from the remote:// ioslave's view entirely.

knetattach lives in Plasma, so this amounts to an unmarked dependency on Plasma within KIO, which is not appropriate.

Furthermore, Having a desktop entry in the view of the ioslave that launches an app is kind of a weird UX, and its functionality is largely unnecessary bceause you can just connect to the server by its URL and be prompted for your username and password. If you want to create a permanent link to the server, you can add it to the places panel or use a shortcut.

However for those who would like to continue using knetattach, I plan to add a contextually-aware button in Dolphin to open the app, and if that happens without this, we will have two redundant ways to launch knetattach from the remote:// view.

BUG: 430211 FIXED-IN: 5.78

Edited by Nate Graham

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