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Set the parent widget for subjobs

Ahmad Samir requested to merge work/ahmad/job-parentwindow into master

When calling addSubjob, we need to set the parent widget for the subjobs to the same widget of the baseJob.

To test:

  • Open Dolphin, copy a dir, A, to the same destination twice
  • You should get the file-already-exists dialog, which is supposed to be a modal dialog, but you find that you can still interact with the parent Dolphin window

This happens because:

  • Dolphin creates a PasteJob, then calls KJobWidgets::setWindow(job, this)
  • The PasteJob creates a CopyJob subjob, but for that subjob KJobWidgets::window() will return a nullptr

Incidentally, I think this is the main reason we got bugs like[1] in the first place... :)


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