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[kio][383502] Fixing Apply To All when copying only one folder

Andreas Bontozoglou requested to merge (removed):fix_kio_383502 into master

BUG: 383502

tl;dr: Not showing "Apply to All" checkbox, nor "Skip" button in the RenameDialog when only one folder is being moved.

It seems that RenameDialog_MultipleItems and RenameDialog_Skip can be used to define this behavior. The caller (CopyJobPrivate) was always setting these options without checking the number of dirs.


  • Still very n00b so atm just hacking :) far from understanding the full code flow there
  • Not sure if I need to update any unittests
  • There was a comment about "always multi" which I think is wrong and I removed


Single folder copy:

Single folder move:

Multiple folders copy, one of which conflicts:

Multiple folders with a file conflict:

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