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KExtendableItemDelegate: Fix HiDPI positioning of indicator arrows

After fixing pixelated indicator arrows in KShortcutsEditorDelegate (i.e. a subclass, see kxmlgui!104 (merged) for the fix) used in the "Configure Keyboard Shortcuts" dialog, they were they were not drawn centered anymore, e.g. slightly moved upwards. The same problem can be observed in the download list of KGet.

This is because the increased size of the pixmap is not accounted for.

By transforming the pixmap size to device independent dimensions again, as used in the positioning calculations, the arrows will finally be shown correctly.

Note that running KItemViews in conjunction with a version of KXmlGUI not including the fix will still work fine, since the devicePixelRatio will only ever be set to 1 in that case.

CCBUG: 414904

Test Plan:

  • Launch QT_SCALE_FACTOR=1.7 ./bin/kxmlguiwindowtest (from KXmlGui, including the fix mentioned above).
  • Open "Configure Keyboard Shortcuts" dialog.
  • Arrows in "Shortcut" column positioned correctly, for both their expanded and collapsed states.
  • Test with -style Fusion and other scaling factors, too.
  • QT_SCALE_FACTOR=1.7 kget, start download, observe indicator arrow in download list.
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