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Re-implement "Run a command" notification event trigger

Several knotification triggers have been removed, including text-to-speech, execute (run a command), etc. It is probably fine that some has been removed as they were incomplete. However the execute (run a command) notification trigger is something used very often by power users. It allows you do to a lot of things with it.

The problem was that the feature was undocumented, you just had a command line you could set in the system settings. However it supported the several printf like expansions. This was complete undocumented and missed the most important expansion the one for the subject/title.

This re-implements just "running a command" on a notification event.

It allows you:

  • to text-to-speech with spd-say
  • start meeting application for a meeting
  • disable lights when you lock the screen via home automation
  • and many more.

This feature is now documented in the UI via a ? button. It tells you all the possible expansion and gives an example how to run it. This was missing before.

You find several other use cases in the bug:

Note that this is just the backend, the UI part for plasma-workspace can be found here:


Edited by Andreas Schneider

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