Fix disabled runners and runner config for plasmoid

Alexander Lohnau requested to merge (removed):fix_plasmoid_config into master

If the KSharedConfig::openConfig() method is called the process name + rc is used as the config file. In the case of the normal KRunner application this file is called krunnerrc, this value is also hard-coded in the runners KCM. But there is also a plasmoid for KRunner, for this the file is called plasmashellrc.

There are two problems with this:

  • The configuration for the enabled/disabled plugins is still located in the krunnerrc file. This means that you will get results from all by default enabled plugins.
  • If the runner uses the AbstractRunner::config() method the resulting config group for KRunner and the plasmoid is different. An example for this is the Dictionay plugin.

With this merge request the krunnerrc file will always be used for the runner configs, considering that this config file is hard-coded in the KCMs this makes most sense. And the config file for the enabled/disabled plugins/history etc. can be changed using the overload.

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