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    Add expanding spacers as a customization option for toolbars · 4357ef23
    Felix Ernst authored and Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham committed
    This commit adds spacers to the kxmlgui framework so all applications
    using it will be able to have any amount of spacers in their toolbar(s).
    KEditToolbar gets the --- spacer --- entry by default. This entry is
    modified to allow any amount of spacers to be put into the toolbars
    (just like separators).
    The xml scheme is updated to allow "<Spacer name="spacer_0" />" nodes
    (just like separators).
    KXmlGuiBuilder then builds the simple spacer by itself.
    Test Plan: {F7067613}
    Reviewers: dfaure, ngraham
    Reviewed By: dfaure, ngraham
    Subscribers: ngraham, #vdg, dfaure, kde-frameworks-devel
    Tags: #frameworks
    Differential Revision: