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Add syntax highlighting for OrgMode file

Gary Wang requested to merge garywang/syntax-highlighting:orgmode into master


My homebrew syntax highlighting XML file for OrgMode. Submitted as suggested on the bug tracker.

Currently, this syntax XML file only covers some very basic usage of OrgMode format, and I'm still learning how the syntax highlighting engine works, so I guess I should mark it as a WIP. Any help is appreciated.

Currently supported:

  • Basic text emphasis
    • *bold*
    • /italic/
    • _underline_
    • +strike-through+
    • ~code~
  • Basic title/heading
    • Heading
    • TODO/DONE state and complete status (e.g. [1/4]/[25%]) highlight in heading
  • Basic bullet list
    • bullet list with checkbox
    • number list with checkbox

Missing features I planned to add later™:

  • Text folding by the level of title/headline
  • Text emphasis inside bullet list
  • Metadata
    • Single line #+KEY / # blah
    • Quote/code/etc block
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