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    Some UI consistency work · f7de7131
    Simon Huerlimann authored
     * Add main Toolbar
    Some coding convention work
     * Add 'Navigation' menu für keyboard navigation actions. Mainly usefull to look up shortcuts... And it saves a call to 'addAction(action)' for those actions, as their shortcut aren't registered otherwise.
     * Add 'Navigation' toolbar for keyboard navigation actions.
     * Add tooltips to keyboard navigation actions.
     * Rename initKAction() method to setupActions(); towards best practice for all of KDE Games...
     * use 'actionCollection()->add<QAction>(name, this, SLOT(slotName()))' style action creation. This seems to be the preferred way now.
     * Added some comments
    Some 'use available technologies' work
     * Use XMLGui Action states for enabling/disabling 'undo'
     * Move icon, shortcut, whatsThis and text declarations for actions into <ActionProperties> in the xxxui.rc file. Seperates Usablility and UI consistency concerns from coding. Not sure if the i18n work nice, though. 
    Please report if I've broken something;-)
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