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    The Big KPat Licensing Update Commit! · aefb21c6
    Parker Coates authored
    - A single project wide COPYING file explains current licensing.
    - All source files should now have a license header.
    - All source files should have at least one copyright line.
    - The entire patsolve directory is now GPLv2+.
    - All "newer" source files are now GPLv2+.
    - Files that formerly had Paul's original custom license are now licensed such that all changes made after 2009-01-01 will be GPLv2+.
    - Effort has been made to include copyright lines from original authors and accurate dates where possible. (I'm sure there's still a lot that could be done here, but one can only glean so much from CVS/SVN logs.)
    Coolo, I realise this is about as exciting as watching paint dry, but could you skim through the diff and look for any blaring mistakes? I'm not that confident about anything before 2000 as the logs don't contain much useful information from that period. Also, I've noticed that several game types that were added after the conversion to KDE, still contained Paul's ...
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