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    - Upgraded KSudoku's core to a new solver engine · c9fd0446
    Johannes Bergmeier authored
    - NOTE This engine seams to have some performance problems
    - NOTE This is a huge change developed in a local git repository
    == Important Changes according to git log ==
    - Changed generator to to select values evenly from the possible range
    - Replaced old generator with a simpler new one that tries to insert values in an empty game until it has exactly one solution
    - Almost completely removed everything left from the old solver
    - Added converter for problems to and from puzzles
    - Changed SKSolver::remove_numbers() to use the new solver and to be more readable
    - SKSolver now always require a valid SKGraph-instance in the constructor
    - Removed from SKSolver all duplicates of values from SKGraph
    - Removed dependeny to SKBase from SKGraph
    - Removed methods from SKSolver that were not longer used (containing about 500 lines of code/comments)
    - Removed not longer used class Solver, SolverState, PuzzleFactory and GroupLookup
    - Moved ruleset initialization into the graphs
    - Removed code for long outdated support of block/clique-borders
    - Removed fragments from long outdated support for numbers and letters
    - Small improvement in View2d to prevent crashes by having the upper left cell empty
    - Added support for new solver to KSudoku itself
    svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegames/ksudoku/; revision=1054362
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