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    Fix Sequential Iterator assert on invalid rectangles · d7542a79
    Agata Cacko authored
    Before Quick Brush engine (roundmarker) was crashing
    because Sequential Iterator throwed out asserts
    when the rectangle was not "empty" according to Qt
    but  still not valid (for example has intmin value on
    width or height). This commit fixes that behaviour by
    providing additional checks.
    Commit includes also benchmarks for roundmarker.
    Test Plan:
    - benchmarks included in the commit
    - painting with Quick Brush (i.e. b) Basic-1)
    with size <1 px
    Reviewers: dkazakov, #krita
    Reviewed By: dkazakov, #krita
    Subscribers: rempt
    Tags: #krita
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D19881
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